More Bakumatsu Rock drama CD details

There are actually two new drama CD coming this fall, 『超魂再臨!!』 and 『黄泉歌聖そしてクライマックスへ』. Each comes with a brand new song, CAME BACK (1) and harmonize (2), plus a full video for the songs.

Plus, if you preorder the two CDs together, the Animate and Amazon versions will come with bonus CDs featuring two more songs! The Animate version will include 『意志貫徹』, with Kiiyan and Hayami Sho, while the Amazon version will include 『Into The Afterworld』, which has Hayami Sho, Terashima Junta and others.

For contents and details, see here and here.


Title:  『超魂再臨!!』
Release Date:  10/28/2020
Price:  3,800円+tax

Title:  『黄泉歌聖そしてクライマックスへ』
Release Date:  12/25/2020
Price:  3,800円+tax