More Bakumatsu Rock drama CD details

There are actually two new drama CD coming this fall, 『超魂再臨!!』 and 『黄泉歌聖そしてクライマックスへ』. Each comes with a brand new song, CAME BACK (1) and harmonize (2), plus a full video for the songs. Plus, if you preorder the two CDs together, the Animate and Amazon versions will come with bonus CDs featuring two more songs! … More More Bakumatsu Rock drama CD details

「Another World~WHITE&BLACK~」event theme song CD

【CD】「うたの☆プリンスさまっ♪Another World~WHITE&BLACK~ テーマソングCD」情報を公開しました。4月15日(水)発売です。 — うたの☆プリンスさまっ♪ (@utapri_official) January 24, 2020 A pair of theme songs for the UtaPri 「Another World~WHITE&BLACK~」art exhibit will be released this April. There’ll be 4 tracks total, including non-vocal versions:  WHITE GRAVITY, BLACK DEJAVU. The Starish & Quartet Night seiyuu have been split into two units, with Kiiyan, Suzumura Kenichi, Shimono Hiro, … More 「Another World~WHITE&BLACK~」event theme song CD

Vocal Shu La Corda D’Oro 4 CD: VOICEFUL

Corda 4 will see its first vocal collections with spring’s VOICEFUL and SONGFUL. VOICEFUL will feature new songs by Kiiyan (as Tohgane Chiaki), Kishio Daisuke and Morita Masakazu, as well as a newly arranged version of one of Konishi Katsuyuki’s songs. The second disc will feature instrumentals and cast talk tracks. Details Item:  VOICEFUL vocal … More Vocal Shu La Corda D’Oro 4 CD: VOICEFUL

Neo Romance 25th Anniversary Vocal Complete box set

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Neo Romance franchises (Angelique, Harutoki, Corda, etc.), Koei will be releasing an 66 disc (830+ tracks) collection of every vocal song from all the series. Retailing at 66,000 yen (with tax), the set will include all 288 Corda songs, plus two new tracks featuring Kiiyan’s character Tohgane Chiaki. … More Neo Romance 25th Anniversary Vocal Complete box set

B’s Log interview

Magazine B’s Log have posted a short excerpt from their upcoming interview with Kiiyan in September’s issue, which was released 7/20/2019. The online interview can be found here. Details Item:  B’s Log magazine Volume:  9/2019 (September) Release Date:  7/20/2019 Price:  1,000 yen