Nakahara Chuuya stamp rally


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Ever so often here at Yokubou we post things that aren’t strictly about Granrodeo or Kiiyan, but are related. And in this case, there’s a fun upcoming collaboration built around Kiiyan’s Bungo Stray Dogs character, real life poet Nakahara Chuuya.

Like Kiiyan, Nakahara hailed from Yamaguchi prefecture here in the west of Japan, and there is a museum dedicated to him in the capital city. This fall and winter, the Nakahara Chuuya Memorial Museum will be celebrating the 110th anniversary of Nakahara’s birth with a stamp rally, special goods and an exhibition of comic art featuring Nakahara (like Bungo Stray Dogs).

Fans will get a chance to visit several locations around the museum, in the Yudaonsen area of Yamaguchi city, collecting stamps. Once all the stamps are obtained, the stamp card can be exchanged for a gift (one card per person, please).

Stamp locations:

  • Yudaonsen sightseeing excursion base facilities “footprint of the fox” (Nakajima Atsushi)
  • Yudaonsen tourist information center (Akutagawa Ryunosuke)
  • Fujimitsu-kai fūdō Yuda branch (Ougai Mori)
  • Manabei (Dazai Osamu)
  • The Chuya Nakahara Memorial Museum (Nakahara Chuya)
  • Hot spring building (Santōka Taneda)
  • Matsuda Shoei temple (Kunikida Doppo)
  • Yamaguchi City central library (Miyazawa Kenji)
  • JR Yuda-OnsenStation (Yosano Akiko)


Event:  Stamp rally, exhibition
Dates:  10/4/2017~1/21/2018
Location:  Nakahara Chuuya Memorial Museum
〒753-0847 Yamaguchi-ken Yamaguchi-shi Yudaonsen1-11-21

Uta no Prince-sama theme song single


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November brings three different versions of the new UtaPri single, Shining Live Theme Song:

  • Shining Romance w/DVD (Starish postcard bonus)
  • FORCE LIVE w/DVD (Quartet Night postcard bonus)
  • Regular edition

The versions with DVDs are 2160 with tax while the regular version is 1512 yen.


Title:  Shining Live Theme Song
Format:  CD single (+ DVD)
Release Date:  November 15, 2017
Prince:  1512~2160 yen

Granrodeo song translations



A reminder that we have quite a few translations on the site, if you’re looking for them, especially for older songs. The quality is varying — paranoid-rhythm and insane-demented’s are quite good, mine are passable (though I am quite proud of Y.W.F.) — but at the very least you’ll get a sense of Kiiyan’s themes and word play.

We just ask that you not repost them anywhere. Feel free to link here, though!

Studio Albums

We do also have some articles translated, which you can find by searching for the translation tag (mixed in with all the song translations).

G12 pre-sale lotteries


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Several lotteries are taking place right now for general G12 tickets.


Vendor:  eplus
Dates: 8/14/2017 @ 12:00〜8/21/2017 @ 18:00
Vendor:  Ticket Pia
Dates: 8/14/2017 @ 12:00~8/21/2017 @ 23:59 (1st lottery) / 8/24/2017 @ 12:00~8/29/2017 @ 23:59 (2nd lottery)
Vendor:  Lawson
Dates:8/14/2017 @ 12:00~8/21/2017 @ 23:59
Vendor:  H.I.P.
Dates:8/14/2017 @ 12:00~8/21/2017 @ 18:00