FAB LOVE goods sale


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The goods that would have been on sale this weekend will be available for purchase 9/20 starting at 20:00 JST. Check out the home page for the details, and make purchases here.


Good time to buy Kin’iro no Corda games


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Koei is having a massive sale on downloadable versions of its PSP, PS Vita and Nintendo Switch games, including up to 50% off various Corda titles.

Sale runs until 9/25/2019 and details can be found here.

Neo Romance 25th Anniversary Vocal Complete box set


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To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Neo Romance franchises (Angelique, Harutoki, Corda, etc.), Koei will be releasing an 66 disc (830+ tracks) collection of every vocal song from all the series. Retailing at 66,000 yen (with tax), the set will include all 288 Corda songs, plus two new tracks featuring Kiiyan’s character Tohgane Chiaki.

The new tracks are a group version of a new song, 「明日へのパレード」, plus a Chiaki solo version.


Goods:  Neo Romance 25th Anniversary Vocal Complete box set
Format:  66 CD boxed set
Release Date:  12/11/2019
Price:  66,000 yen (tax included)
Extras:  2 new tracks, box, 400 page booklet

Lantis Matsuri interview


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Hominis has a short interview with Kiiyan and e-ZUKA, where they chat about the Lantis Matsuri and answer a few other questions. We learn that Kiiyan thinks of karaoke as exercise for his voice, and had recently gotten into doing plank exercises. (hopefully he can get back to that after he recovers).