UtaPri 7th stage ticket lottery


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Following the close of the blu-ray/DVD lottery, there will be a general eplus lottery that can be entered by anyone with an eplus account.


Lottery URL:  https://eplus.jp/utapri7th
Dates: 1/24/2020 @ 18:00 ~ 2/16/2020 @ 23:59
Result Date:  2/21/2020
Details:  http://utapri-movie.com/event/7th/

Kousaki Satoru 20th anniversary release


Granrodeo will appear on one track of the multi-disc box set celebrating composer Kousaki Satoru‘s 20th anniversary. The song included,  “Stand by … MUSIC!!,” from Anisama 2018, will appear as track 13 on disc three.

For more details, see the official release site.

Village Vanguard 「pet」event pics


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Pics from the Shibuya Village Vanguard official Twitter.

Ticket lotteries for 「e-XPO 2020」&「たかが15年」


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Three new lotteries have been announced for the March shows:  Pia, Up Live Plus Pass and au Smart Pass Premium (you do not need to be an au customer to use the latter).

See the official website for dates and other details.

谷山紀章の明日もがんばります! Riken vitamin corner


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For the Riken Vitamin corner of the radio show, listeners can send in a short (20 second) script for Riken’s wakame soup that Kiiyan can read on the air (be sure to feature the soup!). Or, you can send your special recipe for wakame soup called “I really don’t want to tell anyone … but Taniyama-san!” and Kiiyan will try your recipe live in the studio.

For more details and the submission link, check the site.

谷山紀章の明日もがんばります!& Riken winter campaign


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Live in Japan and like wakame soup? Well, even if you don’t really like wakame soup, you can still buy some and enter to win some fun prizes from Kiiyan’s radio show and Riken vitamins!

All you need to do is buy a 3 or 8 pack of Riken wakame soup, fill out the entry post card on this site, attach your receipt and mail it by April 5th (purchase by March 31st).

A prize is an instant photo (cheki) of Kiiyan/Shimono, Shimono/Kaji, Kiiyan/Kaji, or all three. 13 winners in total.


B prize is a special collaboration cup. 5 winners in total



C prize are collaboration can badges, 3 designs. 30 winners total.

And there’ll be a drawing for a set of soup packages for those who didn’t win A, B or C prizes.

For all the details, and a sample of the postcard, see the official campaign site.