Sapporo Fan Club event details


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The Fan Club event, named「なまらダラダラするべさ~」, will take place the last weekend of the FAB LOVE tour, in Sapporo.

Ro-gumi members can choose between two courses, A (Saturday-Sunday) and B (Saturday-Monday). A course includes a priority ticket to the tour’s final show at Zepp Sapporo, a 3-shot photo with Kiiyan and e-zuka, and a ticket to the FC-only live「北の組から 2019 ~もうツアー終わってるでしょうが!!~」,  on Sunday. B course includes all of that, plus a beer garden party after the FC live and a send-off party on Monday.

For more details, sign up for the Fan Club — you have until May 31 to apply for the tour!


Belated “Happy Birthday!” to SHiN



「BEASTFUL」karaoke video


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Starting 3/24/2019, fans will be able to sing along to last year’s Anisama performance of 「BEASTFUL」if they karaoke at a site using DAM’s service.

Granrodeo, Flow x Granrodeo & Kiiyan at MBS Anime Fes Historia


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ST☆RISH Solo Best CD releases


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Each of the ST☆RISH boys is going to get their own solo CDs this year, featuring their past solo songs, plus two new tracks. Natsuki’s CD (as yet untitled) will come out just before Kiiyan’s birthday and contain twelve tracks total.

The site page will eventually have a character message and movie, so stay tuned for updates.

In addition to the two new songs and their off vocal versions, the CD will include:

  1. サザンクロス恋唄
  2. アンドロメダでクチヅケを
  3. オリオンでSHOUT OUT
  4. Top Star Revolution
  5. シリウスへの誓い
  6. ☆YELL☆
  7. The New World
  8. Tears in Love


Title:  TBD
Format:  single CD
Release Date: 8/7/2019
Price: ¥3,000 + tax