Animedia x Book Live interview with Kiiyan


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Animedia x Book Live are featuring Kiiyan and his reading habits in their 2nd “Kikkake Manga” feature in the November, 2017 issue of Animedia, released today.

Excerpts from the interview, plus a chance to enter a lottery for a signed postcard, can be found on Animedia’s site. Kiiyan talks about a few of his favourite titles (Flower Garden Merry-Go-Round, Doukyoboshi, Pet, Vinland Saga) and gets introduced to ebooks

Yanota drama CD


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Kiiyan wil join Hikasa Yoko, Tamura Mutsumi, Murase Ayumu, Higashiyama Nao and others in the first drama CD for gag manga “Yankee Shota & Otaku Oneesan.” Kiiyan’s character, an otaku-type, is named Panpanman.


Product:  Yankee Shota & Otaku Oneesan drama CD
Release Date:  1/31/2018
Price:  3,000 yen plus tax
Bonus:  Illustrated booklet (Elementary School story) if ordered by 10/22/2017
URLs:  Manga Official Twitter & CD announcement

Granrodeo to play outside Japan!


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Yes, you read that right! Even though Kiiyan apparently joked that they would soon be auditioning a new singer for that show, Granrodeo will be playing in Taiwan next year.
That show is one of three they will be playing jointly with Flow, with the other two cities being Tokyo and Osaka.

No word yet on dates, venues or ticket sales. Stay tuned!

The official collaboration website can be found here.