Limited Show goods

Goods will be sold in several physical Animate stores, and through the A!Smart Lantis store, starting on 3/12/2021. Check the website for more details, as well as information on a CD campaign at Animate (stores and online).

2nd mini-album release info

Though still untitled, the upcoming concept mini-album now has a release date, price and edition information!  All versions will come with stickers, and the Animate-specific bonus is an L-size bromide with replica signature. Details Title:  TBD Release Date:  3/10/2021 Editions: Limited (CD + BD) / Regular (CD) Price:  4290 yen / 2420 yen (tax included)

Mini-album store benefits

All target stores selling the mini-album will have film-style stickers. See here for a list of participating stores. These specific stores will have special bonuses: Animate, Amazon, Tower Records & Tsutaya:   L-size bromide with duplicate signature A-on STORE / A! SMART: A3 mini-poser with duplicate signature  (Only for the first-press limited edition)

Anican appearance

Granrodeo appear in the current Animate in-store Anican video. The video will be available on the Anican website starting 11/5/2020.