More Bakumatsu Rock drama CD details

There are actually two new drama CD coming this fall, 『超魂再臨!!』 and 『黄泉歌聖そしてクライマックスへ』. Each comes with a brand new song, CAME BACK (1) and harmonize (2), plus a full video for the songs. Plus, if you preorder the two CDs together, the Animate and Amazon versions will come with bonus CDs featuring two more songs! … More More Bakumatsu Rock drama CD details

New Bakumatsu Rock drama CD

10月28日に発売します!(すたっふ) おおう…なんか急じゃな…(龍馬) いつになく用意周到だな…プロデューサーとしては俺も見習わないといけないが…(土方)#幕末Rock #幕末Rock虚魂 #桂小五郎生誕祭2020 — 『幕末Rock』公式アカウント (@bakumatsu69) June 26, 2020  

Bakumatsu Rock Sakamoto Ryoma figures

This site hasn’t featured any Kiiyan character-related goods of late, so here’s two Ryoma figures coming out in September: Mini, SD version 『みにっしも』 Orders start today for this cutie. He’s 6800 yen. And announced earlier this year, the big-size version of Ryoma retails for 15,800 yen.

TV Life Bakumatsu Rock live write-up

The write-up, set list for the day show and lots of pics can be found here. Day set list: 01 RIDE ON THE WAVE 02 What’s this? 03 ハチノジディストーション 04 群青を射す光 05 生きてゆこう 06 残響 -feedback- 07 宙ノ翼 08 Crash My Head 09 絶頂SPIRAL 10 黒曜蝶 11 暁のFreebird 12 不完全パズル 13 xxxing 14 五色繚乱 En1 絶頂DAYBREAK


  To celebrate the third anniversary of the Shibuya Tower Records cafe, that store and the Omotesando one will be hosting a Bakumatsu Rock cafe from 11/1 ~ 11/18. T here will be different menus, panel exhibitions, and a special bracelet in honor of Ryouma’s birthday. Only two hundred of those will be sold, one … More 幕末Rock × TOWER RECORDS CAFE~NO PASSION, NO ROCK.~