Kiiyan Vitals~

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Kiiyan’s Q&A from the first Fan Club booklet!

Thanks as always to insane-demented, who translated page 2 and helped me with page 1.  ^__^

Page One:

Name:  Taniyama Kishou

Birthdate:  August 11, 1975

Birthplace:  Ube, Yamaguchi prefecture

Star sign:  Leo

Blood type:  B

Family: Dad, mom, 2 younger brothers

Height:  177 cm (5’9”)

Eyesight:  1.5 in both eyes

Singing Range:  Changes from day to day

Bust:  93 cm (36.6”)

Waist:  80 cm (31.5”)

Hips:  95 cm (37.4”)

Foot size:  26.5 cm (10.4”)

Weight:  70 kg (154.3 lb)

Strong point:  Shows consideration for others

Weak points: A fickle person who wearies of things quickly, a person who tends to find things bothersome, moody person

Favourite School Subject: Physical Education

Least Favourite School Subject: Mathematics, English, Physics, etc.

Favourite Food & Drink: Fillet steak, beer

Least Favourite Food and Drink: Japanese pickles, aojiru (veggie juice made from green, leafy veggies)

Favourite Animal: Cheetah

Least Favourite Animal: Frog

Favourite Brands: L.G.B., If Six Was Nine

Favourite Type of Woman: A person with whom I can have a lively conversation

Person You Aspire to be: Sam Spade

Favourite Place:  Toilet at home

Favourite Quote/Motto: “I do not seek. I find.”  By Pablo Picasso

On your days off, what is your usual schedule like from the moment you wake up to the point you fall asleep?  Spend my time watching sports at home

Page 2

Instruments you can play: None

Instruments and equipment you are currently using (microphones, ear monitors):  I have no idea

Your first song/performance in front of an audience:  In Year 1 of high school, at karaoke, “Sayonara” by オフコース(OFF COURSE)

An artist that has influenced you (local/foreign)

Local:  Okamura Yasuyuki


The first single/album you bought:  シブがき隊 (Shibu gaki tai)

The first live you went to:  THEE MICHELLE FUN ELEPHANT, 96’ Tour,  DRUM LOGOS (Fukuoka)

If you could bring 3 CDs to an uninhabited island?

Yuumin (Matsutoya Yumi)「Tengoku no Door」

STEVIE SALAS 「Soul Blaster」

Okamura Yasuyuki「Kateikyoushi」

A song you find yourself humming:「シドと白昼夢」(Shido to Hakuchuumu)

A song you often sing at karaoke:「かえれない二人」(Kaerenai Futari)

Your first impression of your partner when GRANRODEO was formed:  Someone who suits a guitar well

Your partner’s strengths and weaknesses:

Strength: Skilled at guitar

Weakness: Always flares up at the same things when he gets drunk

A must-do when writing lyrics: Drink alcohol

Must-have for tours/lives: Throat medication

The most important thing to take note of during recordings:  Balance between accuracy/precision and rhythm

The most important thing to take note of during lives:  Whether I can put on a natural smile

The one song that suits GRANRODEO most:  We wanna R&R SHOW

The one song that is most unlike GRANRODEO:  月に猫

The GRANRODEO live that left the most lasting impression:  1st one man (live) at Yokohama BLITZ because that was everything

From now, what do you wish to challenge (musically-speaking)?  Everything that is possible