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From the first Fan Club pamphlet~

Name: Iizuka Masaaki

Birthdate: February 22, 1967

Birthplace: Niigata Prefecture, Tokamachi-shi

Star sign: Pisces

Blood type: A

Family: Wife, cat

Height: 183-84 cm

Eyesight: needs glasses

Voice: around Top A

Bust: …than expected

Waist: …than imagined

Hips: …than it looks

Foot size: 26.5-27 cm

Weight: 69-72 kg

Hobby: Guitar

Special ability: Able to sleep wherever and whenever

Strong point: Optimistic

Weak points: Irresponsible

Favourite School Subject: Math

Least Favourite School Subject: History

Favourite Food & Drink: Curry, beer, can coffee

Least Favourite Food and Drink: Tomato, Tomato Juice

Favourite Animal: Cat, Dog

Least Favourite Animal: Cockroach

Favourite Brands: ESP, MARSHALL

Favourite Type of Woman: A cheerful person

Person You Aspire to be: Bakabon’s Papa

Favourite Place: In a futon

Favourite Quote/Motto: 実るほど頭を垂れる稲穂かな(みのるほどこうべをたれるいなほかな)(The boughs that bear the most hang lowest)

Instruments you can play: Guitar (it implies that guitar playing is something of a hobby, that he is fond of), bass, drums, piano, and a bit of the ukelele

Instruments and equipment used now (e.g. microphones, earphones etc): ESP guitars, Marshall Amps. At home, it would be LINE6 POD software: cubase4

First live performance in front of an audience:  the electric guitar, during a music lesson in middle school, Gary Moore’s “Sunset”

An artist that has influenced you (local/overseas):


Overseas: KISS

The first single/album you bought:

Single: およげ!たいやきくん (Swim! Taiyaki)

Album: Bay City Rollers BEST

The first live you went to:  寺内タケシとブルージーンズ (Terry & Blue Jeans) When I was in elementary school, at my home town

If you could bring 3 CDs to an uninhabited island?  GRANRODEO BEST 3 CD set, which would be released soon

A song that you would find yourself humming:  New songs I am writing at that time

A song that you often sing at karaoke:  甲斐バンド’ 「きんぽうげ」

The first impression of your partner when GRANRODEO was formed: At first glance, flashy/gaudy, but a fine young man

Your partner’s good and bad points:

Good: Positive attitude

Bad: Not mindful of details

A must when composing:  To lie down

A necessity during tours or lives:  Kinesio tape

What are you most careful of during recordings: Being refreshed

What are you most careful of during lives: To put all my heart into it. Enjoyment.

A song that is most like GRANRODEO: Go For It!

A song that is least like GRANRODEO: Go For It! (because the lyrics weren’t written by KISHOW)

GRANRODEO live that left the most lasting impression: The 2nd time at BUDOUKAN. Because I got my revenge

In the future, what would you to challenge in music?  Everything