Granrodeo song translations

A reminder that we have quite a few translations on the site, if you’re looking for them, especially for older songs. The quality is varying — paranoid-rhythm and insane-demented’s are quite good, mine are passable (though I am quite proud of Y.W.F.) — but at the very least you’ll get a sense of Kiiyan’s themes … More Granrodeo song translations

Kiiyan’s Q and A

From his recent talk event with Kakki at Hosei University. Thanks to insane-demented for the quick translation! 1. If you were a student now what would you like to learn? piano, history 2.  What was your childhood dream? To become rich 3.  What are you striving for now/what’s your aim? A happy life 4.  Please leave … More Kiiyan’s Q and A

The Other Self Cafe Menu

Here is the cafe menu, mostly translated (a few of the specialty drinks defy easy translation). ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A free randomly-drawn postcard for purchases over ¥1,000! <FOOD MENU> The Other self cheese burg set — ¥1,200 Roger’s face is suddenly revealed! Piping hot from the oven with your favourite demi-glace sauce. Comes with rice and a … More The Other Self Cafe Menu

Soukai Genyuuken Cast Comments: Kiiyan & Nakata

B’s Log posted a brief interview with Kiiyan and Nakata Jouji for the Soukai Geyuuken drama CD released last month. Below is a very rough translation, and links to samples. ――収録を終えてのご感想をお願いします。  Please give us your impressions now that recording is finished. 谷山さん:役を演じるというのは、どんな時でも楽しさを感じるもので、 今回もその例にもれず、どこか楽しみながら演じることができました。 There’s always a feeling of fun playing a role and this time … More Soukai Genyuuken Cast Comments: Kiiyan & Nakata

Kuroko no Basuke 2nd season cast comment

  After the first recording session, the cast were asked their thoughts, and to say a message for fans. The full list can be found here, and I’ve done a really, really quick and dirty translation of Kiiyan’s thoughts below. (corrections gladly accepted!) 「黒子のバスケ」第2期・初回アフレコを終えた感想をお願いいたします。 いきなり英語のセリフ(笑)。色んな意味でキンチョーしました。以前にゲームで氷室というキャラクターを演じてはいたので、思い出しながら。ひとまずホッとしてます。 Tell us your thoughts now that you’ve finished the first … More Kuroko no Basuke 2nd season cast comment

Cast Comment: Kiiyan

Amebaで配信中のスクウェア・エニックス完全オリジナルカードゲーム『新星のグランドユニオン』。本作に出演する豪華声優陣に、ファミ通App限定の特別コメントをもらったぞ。 ガイギャック役 Kiiyan’s cast comment for this customisable card game, with a very (VERY) quick and dirty translation: ーー収録を終えての感想をお聞かせください。 —Now that recording is over, can you tell us your impressions? あっという間で……、もうちょっとしゃべってたかったです(笑)。 I wanted to talk a little more. (Heh.) ーー演じたキャラクターの第一印象はいかがでしたか? —What was your first impression of the character you played? チャラいです。 He’s flashy. ーー演じてみて、自分と似ている点はありましたか? —While … More Cast Comment: Kiiyan