Kiiyan interview from 14 years ago

Kiiyan Interview

Taken from the second G.I.zoku file book, 24-year old Kiiyan~

1. What are your favourite foods?

Delicious pasta

2. This morning, did you eat anything?

I don’t eat in the morning

3. What is your least favourite food?


4. What are your favourite beverages?

Grapefruit juice

5. What are your favourite alcoholhic beverages?

Ramune cocktail, Corona

6. What happens when you get drunk?

Tensions get high and I talk and talk

7. What’s your prefered snack?

Potato chips (norishio – seaweed & salt – flavor)

8. What are your favourite colors?

Black, green

9. What’s your favourite music?

Soul, funk, fusion

10. Who are your favourite authors?

Otomo Katsuhiro (Akira)

11. What are your favourite manga?

Heart Cocktail

12. What are your favourite movies?

Angel Heart, Shawshank Redemption

13. What are your favourite games?


14. What are your favourite sports?

Basketball (NBA), soccer

15. What are your favourite animals?


16. What’s your favourite clothing?

Things that suit me

17. What’s your favourite vehicle?


18. Who’s your favourite “talent”?

Yuusuke Santamaria

19. What’s your favourite season?

1) Winter, 2) fall, 3) summer, 4) spring

20. What’s your favourite amusement park attraction?

Space World (Venus)

21. What is your favourite place?

An easy to find place

22. What is your least favourite place?

A place that isn’t obedient

23. What’s your favourite type of woman?


24. What’s your admired image of a man?

I’m waiting for myself to be a confident man, a man with balance.

25. What would be your era to travel back in time to?

Middle ages in Europe

26. Do you believe in fortune telling?

Only the things that are good for me

27. What do you do on your days off?

I lay around listening to music.

28. When was your first love?

Age 3

29. Have you had a memorable part-time job?

Dish-washer in a family restaurant

30. When you were a kid, what kind of kid were you?

I wasn’t a quiet child.

31. What club activities did you do?

Track and field club (sprinter)

32. When was your first kiss?

I can’t hear you.

33. Have you had your heart broken? If so, what kind of heartbreak?

Yes. It’s the feeling that fruit has fallen from the tree instantly.

34. To become a seiyuu, what concerted effort did you have to make?

A strong belief

35. Up until now, what the thing you tried hardest for?

G.I.zoku audition

36. Right now, what do you want to do the most?

Things that up to now, I haven’t done.

37. Are there things to do left over from your teen years?

Lots of things.

38. In ten years, what will have happened to you?

34 years

39. Right now, what do you want most?

A wider room (dining room, with a bar)

40. A role you’d like to try?

A leading role as a hero

41. Where inside the country would you like to go?


42. Where outside the country would you like to go?

Northern Europe, Canada

43. What town and country would you like to live in?

Hakata, Copenhagen

44. If you’re on a date, where do you go?

Anywhere, on my own

45. What kind of psychic ability would you like to have?


46. What kind of work challenge would you like in the future?


47. If you could become a woman, what kind of woman would you be?

A woman who controls men through an extraordinary sense of style

48. If you can take only one thing to an uninhabited island, what do you take?



  1. 23. What’s your favourite type of woman?

    What does he mean?


    • Your guess is as good as mine! He didn’t want to answer, I guess. Or he means that it changes from time to time….


  2. ” In ten years, what will have happened to you?

    34 years”



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