Zero Step CD release

The Kuroko no Basuke 10th anniversary song, featuring Ono Kensho, will receive a physical release on disc in March of 2023. Zero Step will come in two versions:

Kuroko no Basuke 10th Anniversary Edition: Zero Step, Zero Step off vocal, acrylic frame
Granrodeo Edition: Zero Step, Zero Step Granrodeo version, Zero Step off vocal

Store benefits:

Amazon: Mega Jacket
Animate: A4 clear file
A-on STORE/A! SMART: 2L Bromide
Gamers: L-size bromide
Tower Records: postcards
TSUTAYA RECORDS: L-size bromide
Rakuten Books: L-size bromide + A4 Clear File


CD: Zero Step
Release Date: 03/15/2023
Price: 3,250 yen (Kuro Basuke version), 1,430 yen (Granrodeo version) [tax included]