Mini-album store benefits

All target stores selling the mini-album will have film-style stickers. See here for a list of participating stores. These specific stores will have special bonuses: Animate, Amazon, Tower Records & Tsutaya:   L-size bromide with duplicate signature A-on STORE / A! SMART: A3 mini-poser with duplicate signature  (Only for the first-press limited edition)

Granrodeo Home room wear

「GRANRODEO HOME」新アイテムのご紹介です。 本日は「ルームウェア」。画像を2ツイートに分けてお届けします。オリジナル仕様で作成しておりまして、2サイズでの展開となります。 メンズはゆったり目のサイズ感です。 🔻A-on STORE にて通販受付中! #GR15TH — A-on STORE Powered by A!SMART STAFF(旧:L-MART) (@LantisShop) November 18, 2020 「GRANRODEO HOME」新アイテムのご紹介です。 本日は「ルームウェア」。こちら2ツイートとなります。 首リブは細めに作成し、ボトムスにはポケットを取り付け。 生地は綿100%で、厚すぎない生地厚を選んでおります。 🔻A-on STORE にて通販受付中! #GR15TH — A-on STORE Powered by A!SMART STAFF(旧:L-MART) (@LantisShop) November 18, 2020  

New Granrodeo Home goods!

New goods, including house slippers, room wear and the cutest frying pan ever are now available for purchase on A!Smart’s Granrodeo store. The goods will ship in mid-late December. (Rodepan pics from the A!Smart Twitter)

Granrodeo karuta cards

\✨もうすぐ皆様のお手元に✨/ 今年で活動15周年となるGRANRODEO( @GR_staff )と狩歌がコラボレーションした、『GRANRODEO狩歌』が、もうすぐ皆様のお手元に🎉お楽しみに🎶#GRANRODEO #GR15TH #狩歌 — Xaquinel サグイネル / E08 ゲムマ20秋 (@xaquinel) October 19, 2020 (Click through for the video!)

Granrodeo karuta cards

Granrodeo will be releasing a set of caru uta cards intended to be played in tandem with the songs from the upcoming single collection, RODEO BEAT SHAKE. There’s instructions on the site how to play, but in short, you put the cards face up on a table, randomly play a song from the collection, and … More Granrodeo karuta cards

RODEO BEAT SHAKE store bonuses

These bonuses will feature original artwork using Roger and Gina. Animate: Stretch Ribbon (Roger & Gina version) Tower Records: Stretch Ribbon (Roger version) Amazon: Stretch Ribbon (Gina version) A -on STORE/L-MART/ A!SMART: Can Badge (Roger version) Tsutaya Records/Tsutaya website (reservation only): Can Badge (Gina version)  Artist Postcard (one version) Ami Ami Animega Gamers Joshin Web Neo … More RODEO BEAT SHAKE store bonuses