Fan Club acoustic tour

The tour comprises three dates in August, with venues in Shunan (Yamaguchi), Okayama and Hiroshima. Tickets will include goods (T-shirt, rubber band and autographed picture ticket), and on 8/11 only, there will be an after party for Kiiyan’s birthday. The tour is named 俺たちひょうきんアコギ族」開催決定!and the after party is named 「え?山口でKISHOWのお誕生日会? 周南です!」.

Tickets for Okayama & Hiroshima will be 9,900 yen; Shunan will be 12,800 yen. Ticket lotteries will be open for both the regular fan club and the mobile fan club, with the former getting the first lottery. Each person can only apply for one ticket per show.

More details are available on the fan club websites — regular, mobile — and on the main website.