Bararaji August theme

8月3日に締め切らせていただきます。KISHOWさんへのバースデーメッセージや10周年イヤーの感想、「たかが15周年」の感想をお待ちしております。 — GRANRODEO_staff (@GR_staff) August 1, 2020 The deadline for messages for August’s edition of the mobile radio show Bararaji is August 3rd. Staff are looking for birthday messages for Kiiyan, and fan impressions of both the 10th anniversary and yesterday’s live. If you’re a member of the mobile fan club, log in and … More Bararaji August theme

Granrodeo Mobile site

The mobile “fan club” site actually pre-dates the official fan club site by a bit. It used to be the main way for staff to distribute photos, downloads, etc. behind a paywall. With the coming of the Ro-Gumi site, the mobile site has languished for several years. It’s still technically active, and there are certain … More Granrodeo Mobile site