Singles collection: RODEO BEAT SHAKE

After tonight’s live, it was announced that a new collection featuring all 31 singles to date, plus one new song will come out this fall. The collection will be titled RODEO BEAT SHAKE and is due out on 11/4/2020. It has its own special website here where you can see the track list and other details.

RODEO BEAT SHAKE will come in two formats:  2 CD, or 3 CD + blu-ray “anniversary box.” The extra CD includes live versions of a handful of songs (different than the songs on discs 1 and 2) and the blu-ray will include the 15th anniversary live plus a brand new song video selected by fans (more on that in the next post!). Included with the anniversary box is a snow globe.


Format:  UHQCD (2, 3 discs), blu-ray (1 disc)
Editions:  normal (2 CDs), anniversary box (3 CDs, 1 blu-ray)
Price:  3,200 yen / 9,000 yen (tax not included)
Release Date:  11/4/2020