「RODEO BEAT SHAKE」完全生産限定 Anniversary Box に同梱されるオリジナルスノードームも素敵に仕上がっております✨ ここでしか手に入らないオリジナルグッズ、ぜひゲットしてください! 🔻特設サイト #GR15TH — GRANRODEO_staff (@GR_staff) September 15, 2020  

eplus interview + autograph give-away

eplus’ SPICE staff interviewed Kiiyan and e-zuka after their 7/31 performance, and the first half has been posted online here. Eplus is also giving one fan a chance to win Granrodeo’s autograph by following the official eplus Twitter account and retweeting this tweet. There’ll be another chance when part two of the interview is posted.

LisOeuf volume 18

The next issue of LisOeuf magazine will have a special Granrodeo15th anniversary section, including an interview. Details Magaizine:  LisOeuf volume 18 Release Date:  8/2020 Price:  1320 yen (tax included) URL: