Granrodeo karuta cards

Granrodeo will be releasing a set of caru uta cards intended to be played in tandem with the songs from the upcoming single collection, RODEO BEAT SHAKE. There’s instructions on the site how to play, but in short, you put the cards face up on a table, randomly play a song from the collection, and try to be the fastest to find a card with a word or phrase from that song.

The set will include 100 cards — and there’s a special card included with each first press of RODEO BEAT SHAKE — and goes on sale in advance of the collection on the A!Smart site.


Name:  GRANRODEO Kariuta
Contents:  100 cards + rule book
Price:  3,000 yen (tax included)
Reservation Period:  8/7/2020 @ 20:00 ~ 8/28/2020 @ 23:56 JST
Release Date:  mid-October 2020
Order site: