Kin’iro no Corda 15th anniversary “Corda Songs” event CDs

Koei has announced two new CDs of music for the upcoming Octave game. Both CDs will be exclusive to the February live Corda Songs concerts and contain two discs:  one with just songs, the other with a newly recorded character messages plus songs.

The first CD of 「金色のコルダ オクターヴ」キャラソン・ゲームサイズ全曲集 (on the left), will contain game-size versions of the songs available to play in Octave, plus newly recorded songs:

  • OCTAVE~奇跡の鐘を鳴らそう~, featuring Kiiyan, Hino Satoshi and Fukuyama Jun
  • SONGS[八木沢・東金・冥加 Ver.], featuring Kiiyan, Itou Kentarou and Hino Satoshi
  • SONGS[火積・新・土岐・天宮・七海 Ver.], featuring Morita Masakazu, Kishio Daisuke, Ishikawa Hideo, Miyano Mamoru and Masuda Yuki

The messages in that set will feature Kiiyan and Itou’s characters, and Tsukimori and Tsuchiura will feature on the CD bonus:  character keyholders.

「金色のコルダ オクターヴ」テーマソング~『OCTAVE~奇跡の鐘を鳴らそう~』&『SONGS』~, on the right, has solo versions of the new songs from the first set, love messages from other characters, a special 15th anniversary talk with Morita and Kishio, plus full-size instrumentals of the songs. This set’s keyholders will be Kyouya and Myouga.

Both CDs will cost 4,445 yen plus tax.

Source:  Corda Songs website