Ikemen Live “Own the Night” CD

Cybird will be releasing a CD for the upcoming Ikemen Live game in September, featuring songs from both groups, Hounds and Silvervine. While Kiiyan’s character has no solo songs on the CD, he will be on the first two tracks — 最愛PHRASE (entire cast) and HORIZON (Hounds).

The CD will be available in two formats — CD only or CD + DVD — with the DVD featuring videos of three of the CD tracks. Both versions will come with a random trading card (1 of 12 designs).

Mu-Mo is taking early reservations starting today at 18:00 JST, including a bundle of the CD + DVD + a muffler towel.

Animate will be giving out can badges featuring four different designs.


Product:  Vocal CD “Own the Night”
Format:  CD / CD + DVD
Release Date:  9/5/2018
Price:  CD — 2160 yen / CD + DVD — 2700 yen / CD + DVD + muffler towel  — 5400 yen (tax included)
Bonus:  trading card, can badge (Animate only)
URL:  Ikemen site