Animax Musix goods

Details have been posted for Animax Musix Osaka goods, including photos and directions for purchasing vouchers if you want to reserve goods in advance.

Granrodeo will feature in both the Animax (pamphlet/clear file and can badges) and artist goods (an event-exclusive t-shirt).

Goods Details

Pamphlet:  B4 size with interviews & photos; bonus Osaka artist clear file, 4,200 yen
Can Badges:  500 yen each, random draw; cannot be reserved in advance
Raglan T-shirt:  S/M/L/XL sizes, 3,500 yen

All prices include tax.

Voucher Details

Reception Period:  2/16/2018 @ 10:00 ~ 2/28/2018 @ 23:30
L-Code:  54069

  1. Enter L-Code into the Loppi machine and click orange NEXT button
  2. Confirm venue (Osaka-jo Hall) and date (3/3/2018)
  3. Select exchange voucher option
  4. Select goods sizes/quantity then click NEXT
  5. Follow instructions on the screen (probably name/phone number)
  6. Confirm purchase and take printed receipt to the register to pay
  7. Keep purchase voucher to exchange for goods on the day of the performance

More detail about goods and the voucher purchase process (Japanese only) can be found on the Animax goods page.