Animax set list

Preserved Roses (collaboration w/Tadakoro Azusa) 7 -seven- (collaboration w/FLOW) move on! イバラミチ 情熱は覚えている modern strange cowboy Can Do (collaboration with all artists)

Animax fan support

Animax is asking that fans submit videos and recordings in support of the artists taking part in this year’s online event. They’ve loosely categorized two types of audio files and two types of video files they’re looking for: Applause sound clips Cheering, responses for “call and response” moments Support for a song to be “assigned” … More Animax fan support

Animax pics

「ANIMAX MUSIX 2019 YOKOHAMA」開催。大橋彩香、GRANRODEO、スタァライト九九組、三森すずこ、fripSideなど17組が共演 #animaxmusix — AnimeRecorder (@AnimeRecorder) November 23, 2019 GRANRODEO15周年一発目のライブはANIMAX MUSIX 2019 YOKOHAMA‼️コラボは畠中祐さんと「紅蓮の弓矢」/Linked Horizon(進撃の巨人)でした💥#GRANRODEO #GR15TH — GRANRODEO_staff (@GR_staff) November 23, 2019

Animax Musix pic

ANIMAX MUSIX 2019のパンフレット撮影より、横浜公演にご出演いただくGRANRODEOさんのお写真をアップ☆ なお、横浜公演のイープラス最終先行の受付は本日18時までとなります!!#animaxmusix #GRANRODEO → — ANIMAX MUSIX (@animaxmusixjp) October 16, 2019