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「ANIMAX MUSIX 2019 YOKOHAMA」開催。大橋彩香、GRANRODEO、スタァライト九九組、三森すずこ、fripSideなど17組が共演 #animaxmusix — AnimeRecorder (@AnimeRecorder) November 23, 2019 GRANRODEO15周年一発目のライブはANIMAX MUSIX 2019 YOKOHAMA‼️コラボは畠中祐さんと「紅蓮の弓矢」/Linked Horizon(進撃の巨人)でした💥#GRANRODEO #GR15TH — GRANRODEO_staff (@GR_staff) November 23, 2019

Animax Musix pic

ANIMAX MUSIX 2019のパンフレット撮影より、横浜公演にご出演いただくGRANRODEOさんのお写真をアップ☆ なお、横浜公演のイープラス最終先行の受付は本日18時までとなります!!#animaxmusix #GRANRODEO → — ANIMAX MUSIX (@animaxmusixjp) October 16, 2019

Animax Musix set list

Cover song Precious Memories (Minami) Collaboration with OxT and Penguin Research Don’t say “lazy” (Keion) Granrodeo set BEASTFUL NO PLACE LIKE A STAGE Once & Forever Go For It!

Animax Yokohama goods

For Animax Musix Yokohama, Granrodeo will be selling a fluffy blanket in the above design. It’ll be available for pre-order via Loppi machine along with the other Animax goods this week and next. Check the official website for details on entering the correct Loppi code. Details Item:  Mofumofu blanket Size:  70 x 100 cm Price:  3,000 yen Preorder … More Animax Yokohama goods

Animax Musix Fan Selection

If you would like to vote on this year’s collaborations/fan selection songs, please go to the Animax site and submit your choices. Here’s a loose translation of the options: Please select the artists you’d like to see collaborate. Select an artist from each drop-down menu. Alternately, if you want to see just one artist cover … More Animax Musix Fan Selection