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Hoping my friend can write the event up in more detail, but here’s some tidbits for now.

  • I was extraordinarily lucky, ticket #38, so was second row in front of Kiiyan and Uchiyama for the group corners, and ended up front row for the mini-live. Nice way to wrap up my event year. And I was able to drop off a Christmas present for Kiiyan.
  • No one dressed up as their characters, but Kiiyan came closest in wearing red and black (he had sparkly red bands around his thighs)
  • The first corner had the guys watching segments from the anime and discussing them. Clips included Shingan Crimsonz trying to remind their idiot shachou of their existence, Aion and his little sis, Shingan Crimsonz camping, the brutal ping pong game, Shingan Crimsonz turn as villains in a tokusatsu kids’ show and the guys “confronting” Rom about his former band.
  • It was particularly amusing to hear Hosoyan as fired-up Rom … and then have his oh-so-gentle real life delivery.
  • Kiiyan mentioned having a Shingan spin-off series. I’d be all for that!
  • Kiiyan teased Hosoyan about having a falling out with Mamo and that’s why Rom left the band. Heh. Hosoyan assured Kiiyan that Mamo’s always been good to him.
  • The next corner involved the guys writing down responses to questions, and, in two cases, striking poses for us.
  • The poses were “rock star” and “typical female seiyuu pose.” Kakki definitely did the best at this, giving us a foot up on the amplifier screaming into a microphone pose and a fingers-interlaced gentle female pose.
  • Kiiyan, on the other hand … flipped us all the bird (definitely rock star, but … but Kiiyan, no!) and then struck a silly pose he said was inspired by his niece.
  • We learned Kakki doesn’t care for eggs, when they were asked what egg dishes they were into now. Both Uchiyama and Hosoyan really like eggs benedict. Hosoyan, in particular, was going on about how good the Hollandaise sauce is. Kiiyan, on the other hand, is into scotch eggs now … and damned if I don’t want one now too. Kakki, bless him, put down something like a hamburg steak topped with an egg, which prompted Kiiyan to poke at him about making the egg feel inferior. Heh.
  • There were two color questions, one of which the right answer was the kanji for crimson ( 紅) only somehow Kakki came up with the kanji for flames ( 炎). They made him come up to the front and jump up and down (as if acting out the kanji).
  • The other color question was what’s a Christmas color. We in the audience were bad and turned our lights all to red, which Kiiyan caught onto immediately. But Uchiyama came up with green, which IS a Christmas color, but they gave him a bad time about it.
  • They were asked who’s on the current 1,000 yen bill (I thought Soseki Natsume, but he’s on the previous 1,000 yen bill). Kiiyan, who only wrote the last name, was right (though he thought he was wrong). He ribbed Hosoyan, who got the first name wrong, teasing “Is it a friend of his? A family member?”
  • The next segment was them drawing 7 ticket numbers to win signed prizes. No luck for me, per usual.
  • And last was the mini-live, which ended up being three songs long. I had a great spot, since he wasn’t really straying from center, so he could see the monitors for the lyrics. I’d hoped they would play Neon, since they teased the quiz corner with an instrumental version of it, but alas no.
  • Poor Kiiyan was dying up there because it was hot and there was no air circulation. He paused after Re:Climb to talk to us for a bit. And by the end, he had lost his jacket, and rolled his shirt sleeves up to his shoulders. And he delivered an excellent performance (he did come in early on one verse in Re:Climb, which I wouldn’t have caught except he stopped, laughed at himself and then picked up at the right spot.) It was so, so good to finally hear some of Crow’s songs live.
  • And Crow was, ah … well, with 100% added crotch-grabbing. Not even during the songs, but in between. Kiiyan…. XD
  • It was so, so nice to see Kakki from so close. He’s such a pretty guy… and while I’ve seen him in concert since moving here, this was my first time seeing him since I first saw him, Kiiyan and Konitan way back in 2008 at a Gurren Lagann event (the one where Kiiyan went face first into his 33rd birthday cake). Kakki is a much bigger personality on stage now. Hosoyan is always so gentle and sweet. And Uchiyama even loosened up, smiling and laughing. (My first time to see him in person).
  • So hope they do more events together in the future!