What would you like hear Crow and Shu☆zo sing?!

【楽曲投票🎸】「SHOW BY ROCK!!STARS!!」Blu-rayに封入の特典CD収録楽曲はアニメシリーズ初となるスペシャルなユニットを結成し、そのユニットにどんな曲を歌ってほしいかショウバイロッカーの皆様の投票によって決定します‼️是非ご回答下さい✨ #SB69A 投票はこちらから↓https://t.co/yVtQ2gio38 pic.twitter.com/aATdvQwP9x — SHOW BY ROCK!!アニメ公式 (@SB69A) (@SB69A) September 10, 2020 Time for another legendary vocal collaboration between Kiiyan and Miyano Mamoru! As part of the upcoming 「SHOW BY ROCK!!STARS!!」blu-ray release, a series of new collaboration songs will be recorded, including a duet between Crow and Shu☆zo. You can enter your … More What would you like hear Crow and Shu☆zo sing?!

「SHOW BY ROCK!!STARS!!」TV anime announced!

【重大発表】「SHOW BY ROCK!!」TVアニメ新シリーズ「SHOW BY ROCK!!STARS!!」制作決定!! 新キービジュアルやメインスタッフ、出演者情報も解禁!!キャスト、スタッフ共にTVアニメ全シリーズのオールスター勢揃い!お楽しみに♪ アニメ公式HP⇒https://t.co/UHqMoAWAXq (制作Pまっつん)#SB69A pic.twitter.com/AUvqV98hYq — SHOW BY ROCK!!アニメ公式 (@SB69A) (@SB69A) March 26, 2020 Check out the details on the official anime site.

Win Kiiyan’s autograph

🎁プレゼントCP第3弾🎁 クロウ役 #谷山紀章 さん&アイオーン役 #内山昂輝 さんの豪華サイン色紙(イラスト入り)を抽選で2名様にプレゼント! ⚡応募方法⚡1月15日(水)23:59までにショバフェス公式(@SB69F)をフォロー&本ツイートをRT#ショバフェス #SB69 pic.twitter.com/29eE7bmiYa — 『SHOW BY ROCK!! Fes A Live』公式 (@SB69F) January 9, 2020 Follow the official Show by Rock!! Fes A Live Twitter account and retweet the above tweet by 1/15/2020 @ 23:59 JST.  


The third release of songs from Show By Rock features five songs by Shingan Crimsonz … and their alter-egos Shingan Whiteez and Shingan Milk Crimsonz. There are 50 tracks altogether on the CD, including the following Shingan songs: 幻影のシュトライヒ Scarlet Eyes 光ノTSUBASA (Shingan Whiteez) Ragnarøk Rising High!! (Shingan Milk Crimsonz) Details Title:  SHOW BY ROCK … More SHOW BY ROCK !! BEST Vol.3

Show by Rock Grateful Rock Festival general lottery

Tickets for the Show by Rock Grateful Rock Festival are now available via a week-long general lottery run on the Pony Canyon site. The best tickets, which included seats up front and an event-exclusive t-shirt are sold out, but “Rock” and general tickets are still available. Details Event:  Show by Rock!! 3969 Grateful Rock Festival … More Show by Rock Grateful Rock Festival general lottery


The Show by Rock franchise has announced an musical event this fall featuring several of the main seiyuu, including Kiiyan. Pony Canyon’s info on the event says there will be two big announcements made during the event. Details Event:  「SHOW BY ROCK!!」3969 GRATEFUL ROCK FESTIVAL Date:  11/24/2019 Venue:  Olympus Hall (Hachioji) Guests:  Inagawa Eri, Taniyama … More 「SHOW BY ROCK!!」3969 GRATEFUL ROCK FESTIVAL

P Show by Rock!! CD

P Show by Rock!! showcases the three new songs in the upcoming Show by Rock pachinko game, one each from Plasmagica, Shingan Crimsonz and Criticrista.  The Shingan Crimsonz song is titled “Anti Destiny,” and can be heard in the following video: Details CD:  P Show by Rock!! Format:  Single CD, 6 tracks Release Date: 6/19/2019 … More P Show by Rock!! CD