A pair of Granrodeo/Kiiyan field trips

This past weekend I was lucky enough to visit two memorable places where Kiiyan has filmed. One was on purpose, but the other was a complete coincidence that I ended up there.

First, Seitenkyu Temple in Saitama prefecture. This is the Taoist temple where Granrodeo recorded the video for move on! イバラミチ earlier this year. You can read more about the temple here (English) and here (Japanese). Unfortunately, it clouded up right as I got to the temple, so the colors don’t seem as vibrant as they really are. I will be posting many more pics (dragons mostly) to my personal blog, so if you’re interested in seeing them, let me know.

The following day I ended up for lunch at the Sirius Sky Lounge on the 70th floor of the Royal Park Hotel in Yokohama. A friend suggested the location and made the reservation, and as soon as I looked at pictures of the amazing views, I knew this was the place that Kiiyan and Itou Kentarou end up at after their Ferris wheel adventure in the Corda Primavera 3 video. Good food and amazing views, definitely recommend.

The wedge-shaped building in the 3rd picture is the Pacifico, where many seiyuu events are held (Corda Seiso, Bakumatsu Rock, Bungo Stray Dogs, KenPro Fes, etc.).