『TAKE ME TO THE CHIVER~谷山紀章のロックな休日~』variety DVD

If you recall, Kiiyan, Anri Katsu and Hayashi Yu spent two days filming a month or so ago. And it’s finally been revealed what they were working on, a two part DVD called “Take me to the Chiver”. (That’s presumably a play on “take me to the river.”) Filmed in Chiba, the DVDs’ premise is that Hayashi and Anri will show their sempai how to have a good vacation. One assumes a lot of alcohol was involved since the DVDs have 酒とロックと男と男² (alcohol and rock and man and man squared) on the cover.

The DVDs come in three versions — separate volumes, parts 1 & 2 and parts 1 & 2 plus bonuses and can be ordered from the Future Artist online store (sign up is free). They do seem to allow registration from other countries, in English, but it’s uncertain if they actually ship to other countries.

Volumes 1 and 2, if bought separately, each come with a 57mm can badge (different for each volume). Each volume is 60 minutes long. If bought together, they come with an eight page photo booklet, bonus footage and a slipcase. If the bonus set is purchased, it includes both volumes, the photo booklet, bonus footage, slipcase plus a video for their KenProck Fes song “Start Your Live” and a special “Start Your Live” DVD.

The show has a special site tied to the Future Artist site:  https://rockholiday.futureartist.net/

There’s a note on that site saying to buy the DVDs at Future Artist, since you may need that receipt to apply for events. (!)


  • Start Your Live version:  ¥8,640 (tax included)
  • Volume 1:  ¥4,104 (tax included)
  • Volume 2:  ¥4,104 (tax included)
  • Parts 1 & 2:  ¥7,884 (tax included)
  • Release date:  10/25/2017