KenPro shinnenkai pics

昨夜は賢プロ新年会でした🍾🎉楽しい宴になりましたね~ Viva KP Family. 🙌🙌🙌 2020もカッ飛ばして行きましょー! — KENTARO UTSUMI (@kentarock396) January 26, 2020  

KenPro shinnenkai pics

昨日は2019年度、賢プロダクションの新年会でした🎊 平成最後の新年会。 VIVA!賢プロFAMILY🙌 — KENTARO UTSUMI (@kentarock396) January 20, 2019 一昨日は賢プロ新年会でした✨まあ、毎年いったい何次会まであるんだな会ですw今年は5次会の手前でお先に失礼いたしました😆賢太郎社長とみかと、新春賢プロ朗読劇に出演の、紀章、杏里、甲斐田👍賢プロ本年もどうぞよろしくお願いします❤️#賢プロ#内海賢太郎#谷山紀章#勝杏里#甲斐田裕子 — かないみか (@MIkAKANAI3018) January 21, 2019

KenPro blu-ray event

Kiiyan and Yonaga Tsubasa  participated in last Saturday’s KenPro blu-ray release event at Animate Shinjuku. They were the last set of guests, starting at 18:30. KenPro president, Utsumi Kentarou, was the MC, guiding the conversation (as much as Kiiyan with a mic can ever be guided). The event had three parts: Kiiyan, Yonaga and Utsumi … More KenPro blu-ray event

『TAKE ME TO THE CHIVER~谷山紀章のロックな休日~』variety DVD

If you recall, Kiiyan, Anri Katsu and Hayashi Yu spent two days filming a month or so ago. And it’s finally been revealed what they were working on, a two part DVD called “Take me to the Chiver”. (That’s presumably a play on “take me to the river.”) Filmed in Chiba, the DVDs’ premise is … More 『TAKE ME TO THE CHIVER~谷山紀章のロックな休日~』variety DVD

KenPro filming, day 2

Apparently they had a bit too much to drink yesterday, and are hungover, but day two goes on anyhow! Pics from the KenPro twitter feed, Anri Katsu’s personal twitter and Hayashi Yu’s personal twitter.

KenPro filming

Kiiyan, Hayashi Yuu and Anri Katsu are busy filming something for KenPro today, presumably for the KenPRock Fes release.

Dengeki Girls Style photos

KenPro (here and here) shared some pics today of Kiiyan, Hayashi Yuu, Saiga Mistsuki and Yonaga Tsubasa from an interview they did today about the KenPro Rock Fest for Dengeki Girls Style. Look forward to the upcoming article!