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Kiiyan and Sid’s vocalist Mao chatted today on the latter’s Line Live talk show. They had lunch (hand made rolls, including natto) while they talked about various things. Ever so often they had to play a game (kid’s games, like the one where you shove swords into a barrel until the pirate pops up) and then had to answer questions as their “batsu” game. At one point, they cut to footage of last week’s guest, who apparently was an American artist. He offered this advice to Kiiyan:  do what you enjoy, keep moving forward, follow your heart and don’t just do shit that makes you money.

When they came back from that segment, they talked about American TV for a bit (The Walking Dead, Prison Break and Breaking Bad), which led to Kiiyan imitating someone from Prison Break talking about panties (which led to them both saying “t-back.”). At the end, they took some time to promote new projects/events.

All-in-all, amusing to watch!