Today’s Sashimeshi

Kiiyan’s turn again. Today’s guest didn’t know him at all. But she did ask him to say something to her in a seiyuu voice. He obliged, saying “Ibuki (her name), tadaima.” He said it innocently, but she was clearly dokidoki anyhow. He also asked if she had a boyfriend, which she emphatically said no. (Turns … More Today’s Sashimeshi

Today’s Sashimeshi

Today was e-zuka’s turn, and while his video was short, it was even better than Kiiyan’s. e-zuka’s dining partner turned out to be a young seiyuu by the name of Itou Kumiko. Once the wall was lifted and they’d introduced themselves (e-zuka said he was Oguri Shun), he found a guitar behind his chair and … More Today’s Sashimeshi


Yesterday, Kiiyan participated in a Sashimeshi Line Live where a random fan gets to have a meal with a random celebrity. It turns out this fan actually was a fan of Kiiyan’s, so was amazingly giggly throughout. And when she told him she likes to go to butler cafes, it prompted him to cut her … More Sashimeshi

Sashimeshi air time

The Line Live Kiiyan and e-zuka recorded on Monday night will air on TV Tokyo the following dates and times: 「テレ東のさしめし~芸能人と「さしめし」しませんか?~」 2/6 — 25:30〜25:35 2/7 — 25:30〜25:35 2/8 — 25:30〜25:35

Win a signed mug from Granrodeo

Fans can win this mug, signed by Kiiyan and e-zuka during tonight’s Line Live, by following the official Sashimeshi twitter account and re-tweeting the tweet with this photo in it. Deadline is tomorrow, 1/24. The winner will be contacted via DM on Twitter. (Presumably the winner needs to be in Japan.)

Line Live pics

Kiiyan and e-zuka once again composed a masterpiece theme song for the show, incorporating “do the hustle” as often as Kiiyan could fit it in. (Now if he would just do the hustle on stage…). Only a few screen shots, because it took me a while to figure out the Line Live app, alas.  

Today’s “Sashimeshi”

Kiiyan and Sid’s vocalist Mao chatted today on the latter’s Line Live talk show. They had lunch (hand made rolls, including natto) while they talked about various things. Ever so often they had to play a game (kid’s games, like the one where you shove swords into a barrel until the pirate pops up) and … More Today’s “Sashimeshi”