Taniyama Kishou no Mr. Tambourine Man – Shikisoku Zeku – details

The latest Mr. Tambourine Man CD will come in two versions: regular and 10th anniversary special! Details are as follows.

Regular version
2 discs, 1 CD and 1 DVD
Both feature guest Kawada Shinji
3780 yen (tax included)

10th Anniversary version
3 discs, 1 CD, 2 DVD
CD and 1 disc are the same as the regular version
2nd DVD is Kiiyan’s 40th birthday party, in digest form
6000 yen (tax included)

Kawada Shinji will not only be on the newly recorded track based on the photos and emails sent in by fans he and Kiiyan will take part in an “upper arm challenge,” which sounds like it might be rock wall climbing.