DJCD「谷山紀章のMr.Tambourine Man~獅子奮迅~」jacket cover

【お知らせ】DJCD「谷山紀章のMr.Tambourine Man~獅子奮迅~」のジャケットが本日解禁です!!!可愛いさたっぷりのきーやんをご堪能下さい😊✨ 今回はブックレットと豪華盤特典のカレンダーどちらも可愛いきーやんがたくさん写っているので、お楽しみにー!📸🌟 — 谷山紀章のMr.TM 公式 (@tk_mtm) November 28, 2019  

DJCD 谷山紀章のMr.Tambourine Man~獅子奮迅~ fan events

Per usual, the upcoming DJCD release will have a serial number that can be used to enter the event lottery (only Animate purchases). The events will take place in Shibuya and Osaka in mid-February. Details are as follows: Shibuya Date:  February 15th, 2 shows Time:  TBD Location:  Animate Shibuya Contents:  Handing over event-limited signed bromide … More DJCD 谷山紀章のMr.Tambourine Man~獅子奮迅~ fan events

DJCD 谷山紀章のMr.Tambourine Man~獅子奮迅~ details

The 13th Mr. Tambourine Man DJCD will be titled 獅子奮迅 (Irresistible), will be released in January. Ono Yuki will join Kiiyan for both the newly recorded segment and the bonus DVD. And Joy Max Poko will make a guest appearance on the DVD as well. As with the past two releases, the deluxe edition will … More DJCD 谷山紀章のMr.Tambourine Man~獅子奮迅~ details

DJCD “Suzumura & Shimono no Kaettekita! Uta Puri Hosokyoku”

Kiiyan appears on disc three of the three disc set, which includes MP3 recordings of Shimono Hiro and Suzumura Kenichi’s UtaPri radio show from 2018. Details CD:  Suzumura & Shimono no Kaettekita! Uta Puri Hosokyoku Format:  3 CDs (2 from a live recording, 1 with mp3s of the radio show) Release Date: 4/24/2019 Price: 4140 … More DJCD “Suzumura & Shimono no Kaettekita! Uta Puri Hosokyoku”

Mr. Tambourine Man DJCD in stores tomorrow

DJCD「谷山紀章のMr.Tambourine Man~捲土重来~」がついに明日発売です!!CDの再録パートはもちろん、新録での鈴木達央さんとの対決、特典DVDでジョイさんとのスポーツジム体験&オセロ対決もお楽しみにー! そして…カレンダーの表紙と同じポーズなきーやんをパシャリ📸✨ — 谷山紀章のMr.TM 公式 (@tk_mtm) February 26, 2019