Takita Isamu mini-lives & sign sessions

CSNo_idUsAANi2vTo celebrate the release of his first solo album, 「Rising Moon」 (12/23/15), Takita will be having two mini-lives and sign sessions.

The first will be held 12/24/15 at the Shibuya Tower Records 4th floor event space at 20:00.

The second will be at Tower Records Shinjuku, 7th floor event space at 18:00.

The mini-lives are free to attend, but to get into the autograph sessions, you must buy a copy of Takita’s CD at either the Shinjuku, Ikebukuro or Yokohama Vivre Tower Record stores. In exchange, buyers will get an autograph ticket. Bring both the ticket and the CD to the mini-live; the signing will happen afterward.