Roger & Gina in Ikebukuro

On Saturday, July 18th, Roger and Gina did a tour of the game centers along Sunshine-doori in Ikebukuro, celebrating the introduction of Roger & Gina prizes in crane machine games. I stopped by to see them at Adores and Round One, and then eventually won one set of the prizes (with guitar picks) at the Sega GIGOS, where the staff were wearing Granrodeo swag and blasting GR music (I sang Zetchou Poison with a couple of RG, waiting for the uchiwa to be handed out).

At each stop, staff were handing out the GR uchiwa (fans), Roger & Gina were posing for pics, and some folks got to take pics with them. I managed this at Round One, and I am grinning like a fool. They’re absolutely adorable, and I ended up taking over 120 pics (and had to stop myself from taking more).  At Round One, where I got the most pics, staff insisted that they show off their oshiri (rears), which they did, boogying down.

Amusingly, at Sega, the male staffer started doing the “Gran” “Rodeo” call and response while sound checking his mic. All the Rodeo Girls around him (me included) started in with the “Rodeo” response, and the RG half of a couple poked her Rodeo Boy, to get him to hold up the guys’ part.

(Click pics for larger views.)

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