MTV Limited live pics

View this post on Instagram GRANRODEO limited SHOW supported by MTV Zepp DiverCity いってきましたよ!! 知ってる? 谷山紀章ちゃん!すごいよ! 当たり前?違うよ!すごいんだよ! お疲れの中一緒に撮ってくれました ツアーもファイト!! #GRANRODEO #谷山紀章 ちゃん A post shared by Kenji Nojima (@nojima_kenji) on Jun 25, 2019 at 6:47am PDT GRANRODEO limited SHOW supported by MTV間も無く開場いたします!本日は、Zepp DiverCity (TOKYO)にリフレッシュしたロジャー&ジーナも登場!皆様のご来場お待ちしております♪#GRANRODEO #FABLOVE — GRANRODEO_staff (@GR_staff) June 25, 2019 GRANRODEO limited show … More MTV Limited live pics

FAB LOVE in-store bonuses

Roger and Gina benefits: Animate: Rubber strap (Roger & Gina Ver.) Tower Records: Rubber Strap (Roger Ver.) Amazon: Rubber strap (Gina Ver.) L-MART/A! SMART/Bandai Visual Club: Heart type can badge (Roger Ver.) TSUTAYA: Heart type can badge (Gina Ver.) Artist Photo Benefits: Toranoana: L-size bromide HMV: L-form bromide WonderGOO / Shinmokudo: L size bromide Seven … More FAB LOVE in-store bonuses

Sega Cafe menu & goods

The full list of food, goods and bonuses can be found here. Highlights include one drink type for each album, a curry dish, eggs Benedict and two parfaits. Each dish comes with a bonus coaster, which is random for the drinks. Goods include can badges, ball point pens, can badges, bromides and water bottles. For … More Sega Cafe menu & goods

Pierrot Dancin’ Roger & Gina pendants

Lantis today announced a pair of Granrodeo-themed silver necklaces, featuring charms of the band’s mascots, Roger and Gina. For additional pictures and information, please visit the Lmart product page. Details Price:  13,000 yen each + 500 yen shipping| Ship Date:  Late May, 2017 URL: