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Bakumatsu Rock is teaming up with the Rolling Stones for a special collaboration t-shirt! You can see the design and colors here.

Check Buddyz Shop’s Bakumatsu Rock goods page for info starting 4/10/15.

There will also be a limited BMR good shop in the Shinjuku Alta, featuring rare and limited goods and a little something for Hijikata’s birthday.

『幕末BMRRock 新宿アルタで 烈!Shoppingぜよ』
Dates: 4/29/15 (Wednesday)~5/13/15 (Wednesday)
Location: Shinjuku Alta 5th Floor Character Event Space
Hours: 11:00 ~ 20:30


And his-res copies of some of the BMR singles are now available for download purchase at e-onkyo’s website.