Translation: wonder color

wonder color

いつも この世は必ず汚され裸一貫も俗世に染まる

Invariably this world is always sullied. Even with nothing, we are tainted by the world
What about us, who are pure white and can’t preserve ourselves?

救いの手を差し伸べるのはお互い様 いーですか?

Right now, while I’m singing a song for a random someone, even if it isn’t very good,
We’re reaching out a helping hand to one another, aren’t we?

アンタ昔はそんなんじゃなかったでしょう プーですか?

It’s likely possible, sensing a gap in your self-image and floundering
Wasn’t your past like that? Are we Pooh?*

Can I? そりゃ baby it’s alright 大見栄きって尊敬されたいけど
tonight バレそうじゃん
oh 不幸中の幸いなんでしょうか

Can I? That is, baby it’s alright. Putting on airs, I want to be respected, but
Tonight it seems I’ll be exposed
Oh, could this be a blessing in disguise?

yeah! rockin’ な people 安住への道は遠い
驚きの色 各々 未知の色

Yeah! Rockin’ people. The path to living in peace is distant.
Astonishing colors, each and every, an unknown color
As yet unseen sceneries are right there.
Let’s decide which hue to dye ourselves in.
If you’re going to complain, then don’t sing humbly.
After all, the words you say are the ones you listen to the most, don’t you think?

アカンこれじゃ メディアが右向きゃ
もう大衆も右向き dobie do
鼻で笑おうぜ往来の value

This is hopeless. If the media faces right.
The masses will face right too. dobie do
Laughing scornfully at changing values
What color will tomorrow be?

ヤバい こりゃ dancin’ all-night
無頼 感じそうじゃん oh 悪に染まれと仰るんでしょうか

It’s dangerous, dancin’ all-night
I want to keep dancing with an angel, but
It feels as if I’m a scoundrel. Oh, could it be said I’m steeped in vice?

yeah! 僕のビートも誰かの役に立つよ
驚きの色 誰かの愛の色

Yeah! My beat might be helpful to somebody too.
Astonishing colors, the color of someone’s love
My pure white shirt’s been dirtied by finger marks
But even if it’s been stained grey, isn’t this what life is?
To have regrets now is like unanswered speculation
Since it’s unresolved self-questioning, let’s just add on to it.

自分が塗った色は wonder color

If you’re going to complain, then don’t sing humbly.
Because the words you say are the ones you listen to the most
The color you paint is a wonder color.
It’s the color you know best.

* We’re assuming Kiiyan means Winnie the Pooh here….