Mr. Tambourine DJCD

23fa4046920dc2d726f0b76f4e5fda99Details have been released about the latest Mr. Tambourine Man DJCD. The title is 門外不出, which translates to “Never remove from the premises.” This time, Kiiyan’s guest will be Ono Kensho, and the two of them will use listener’s selfies as a launching point for a lively discussion.

The CD will come with a bonus DVD featuring Kiiyan and Joy Max Poko loosely called “Welcome Kiiyan, to the Love Nest for Two.” The promo info says we’ll see a “never before seen Kiiyan” and a “lovey-dovey life.”

The CD can be purchased at Ani Marche in Ikebukuro December 27-29th, and at Winter Comiket December 28-29th. General release will be 1/30/15. Cost is 3500 yen + tax.