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Major thanks to insane-demented for translating this page and the one that follows~

This is “Chapter 3” of a Seiyuu Gran Prix article on Kiiyan, where his friends and co-workers were asked three questions about him.

It’s hard not to fall even harder for the picture they paint of the birthday boy… especially Kanai-san and Joy Max~ ♥


1. What sort of person is he?

2. Tell us about an episode with him!

3. Please address a message to him

Nomura Michiko

1. A kind person. I like him!

2. We ran into each other at the company; Me 「Aren’t you flamboyant today」Taniyama 「Somehow I don’t want to be told that by Michiko-san」We were both dressed in snake skin.

3. I first met him at an audition…when he was 19. He was keeping such a straight face! But somehow I knew intuitively that he would definitely make it. You did your best, didn’t you, I was mesmerised by the concert at Budoukan!

Kanai Mika

1. Although he seems flamboyant and loud, he is someone who gets lonely easily, a delicate guy who drinks often

2. When Kishou first entered the company, he was an assertive young man who greeted everyone properly, while wearing a flower-patterned shirt, with colours that aren’t as loud as the ones he wears now, and tight-fitting pants. Since we met, we would go drinking together, go for karaoke sessions, get carried away and lecture each other…(laughs). At the places we go for drinks, he is often writing lyrics; despite how he looks he is quite a serious, earnest guy

3. Kishou! Continue to strive forward even from now! Let’s go drinking together again. I’m looking forward to your live (performance)!

Katsu Anri

1. Love & Freedom & R&R!

2. In the past, in front of the station at Sangenjaya, we had a blast performing acoustic lives along the street. We also often go for karaoke, but he is someone whose voice gets better the more he drinks.

3. Please always stay as the Kishou-kun who says that he only eats “Shouniku” (meat without bones etc) yet claims to like eating Yakitori.

Itou Shizuka

1. There is no one more suitable to be called “Child of Eros”…

2. We have known each other for a long time, since we have often been in the same recording studio since I was a newbie, and although he is a senpai, he does not seem like one…rather, he behaves in a way that does not appear as a senpai, yet is thoughtful and caring to his surroundings in a casual manner, making everyone buck up, a good senpai.

3. Please always stay as your eros self! ..although you probably don’t need to be told this (laughs)

Kikuta Hiromi (sound director of Kimi ga Nozomu Eien)

1. Someone who is persistent and committed in pursuing the path to become a performer as Taniyama Kishou

2. Well, generally someone who reads very often. He also appears to read a wide range of genres. His reading form is quite charming. Since there is great contrast between his quiet and active self, I always look forward to seeing “Today’s Kishou” at the recording set

3. Hmm..this is quite difficult. Let’s settle this by the time we get to work together in future,

Kawada Shinji

1. A highly energetic, lovely, really great guy!

2. 10 years ago, when I caught sight of him in front of the company, he was already glistening with charisma. I remember thinking then “ah, so this is the type of person a seiyuu is.”

3. Run forward at full speed, ahead of everyone else!

Yonaga Tsubasa

1. A hunter! Along the lines of a wild child.

2. Of course, when Kishou told me “There is no one else besides you who could have voiced Mihashi” it made me happier above anything. Also, he looks really cool when he writes lyrics for Granrodeo songs during recording breaks!

3. Please continue to stay as our captain! Ken Pro—-ze! Oh!

下森利幸 (Kishou’s Ken Pro manager)

1. A delicate person

2. Let’s continue to strive forward!

3. Although there is a lot I want to say, I am troubled because there are too many things I cannot write here (laughs)

Joy Max

1. He (my husband) voices Gunji in “Togainu no Chi”, and just like his character, he is someone you cannot take your eyes off. The one and only. Reckless. In many ways, he stands out. Also, he is someone with a sexy charm above everyone else.

2. We first met during a radio show. When I go to his place, I repay the favour of getting a night’s lodging and meal by cleaning up his house. He was very happy about it. With a never-before-seen smile, he thanked me and passed me the keys to his house. And so, Joy became his wife. Uhu~

3.  From the front and back, with a sweet-smelling, rose-coloured bullet, continue to shoot and pierce through many things~!

Notes on Joy’s answers:

Question 1: “唯一無二 シャニムニ” (yuitsu muni, shanimuni) likely to be a reference to lyrics in Shanimuni

The way he spoke about how Kishou “stands out” also sounds … shimoneta-ish *ahem* “in many ways” *ahem*

Question 3: “薔薇色の弾丸で、数多のモノを撃ち抜いて” is likely to be a reference to lyrics in Rose-Hip Bullet.