Yume 100 Drama CD

  Kiiyan reprises his role of Lullus as he joins Hanae Natsuki, Takuya Sato, and Ishikawa Kaito in an upcoming drama CD based on the popular game, 夢王国と眠れる100人の王子様 . Details Title: 夢王国と眠れる100人の王子様 ~春の旅行は嵐のように (Yume Oukoku to Nemureru 100 Nin no Ojisama – Haru no Ryoko wa Arashi no Youni) Format:  Single CD Release Date:  4/26/2018 Price:  … More Yume 100 Drama CD

Dies Irae smartphone game

A new website was launched today for an upcoming smartphone game for the Dies Irae franchise. No details are available yet aside from the title, Dies Irae Pantheon, and a 2018 release Details Format: Smartphone (iOS, Android) Release Date:  ~2018 URL:  http://dies-p.net/

More of Kiiyan’s Banyaro character Dante

そしてこちらは先日公式で公開されたダンテのイメージビジュアルです。こっちもキレッキレなダンテを描くことができて楽しかったです。 pic.twitter.com/cCcOZeakXn — さらちよみ (@yomi_sarachi99) May 31, 2017 「四響でドレッドヘアーで牢獄で最強ドラマーです!」という足立Pのオーダーにより、キレッキレのデザインを描くことができました。ドレッドというよりはコーンロウに近いかも?目の色はピンクです。※スワイプで表情集 pic.twitter.com/fTwd4vCOQE — さらちよみ (@yomi_sarachi99) May 31, 2017

Kiiyan joins cast of Banyaro game

The Banyaro smartphone game announced that Kiiyan will be joining the cast soon as a character named Dante, who seems to be a drummer. For a short video featuring Kiiyan in character, check out the tweet below. 最後の四響“煉獄のダンテ”その男の登場が彼らの、そして貴方の運命を変える―ダンテ(CV:谷山紀章)近日参戦!#バンドやろうぜ #バンやろ pic.twitter.com/OoA8c8xinn — 【公式】バンドやろうぜ! (@banyaro_net) May 27, 2017

Black Rose Suspects

Kiiyan has been added to the cast of cellphone game Black Rose Suspects, as 19 year old Silber Wolf Adorer, a musician and singer. He comments that he hopes people will play the game … and that he will too (though he will have to get a smartphone before he can follow through on that … More Black Rose Suspects

Corda Octave site

Koei has created a website for the new Kin’iro no Corda game, Octave.  And if you follow the official twitter account and retweet this tweet, you can win a poster signed by the five seiyuu (you need a Japan address to enter this giveaway).

Win Kiiyan’s autograph

  Yume 100 is giving away autographs from nine different seiyuu, including Kiiyan (Lullus). All you need to do is follow the game’s twitter account and retweet this tweet.