Riken recording

【リケンのわかめスープpresents#谷山紀章 の明日もがんばります!~奇跡的に3人揃っちゃいました!~】 3月14日(土)夜6時からの1時間文化放送(FM91.6/AM1134/radiko)にて放送📡ラジコ👉https://t.co/1juQiwp8wM ゲストは #下野紘 さん #梶裕貴 さん🎉#ganba1134 と #あなたのわかめスープ pic.twitter.com/SHBacQyMfk — 谷山紀章の明日もがんばります! (@ganba1134) March 8, 2020 Even though the public recording for Kiiyan’s radio show has been cancelled, recording with Kiiyan, Shimono Hiro and Kaji Yuki will happen, and the show will air at 18:00 on FM91.6/AM1134/radiko.  

谷山紀章の明日もがんばります! Riken vitamin corner

For the Riken Vitamin corner of the radio show, listeners can send in a short (20 second) script for Riken’s wakame soup that Kiiyan can read on the air (be sure to feature the soup!). Or, you can send your special recipe for wakame soup called “I really don’t want to tell anyone … but … More 谷山紀章の明日もがんばります! Riken vitamin corner

谷山紀章の明日もがんばります!& Riken winter campaign

Live in Japan and like wakame soup? Well, even if you don’t really like wakame soup, you can still buy some and enter to win some fun prizes from Kiiyan’s radio show and Riken vitamins! All you need to do is buy a 3 or 8 pack of Riken wakame soup, fill out the entry … More 谷山紀章の明日もがんばります!& Riken winter campaign

New corner for Kiiyan’s “I’ll do my best tomorrow” radio show

Starting December 1st, Kiiyan will have a special corner sponsored by Riken’s Wakame Soup. Shimono Hiro and Kaji Yuki, who also did ads for the soup, will be the first guests for this special corner. During the corner”s run (until March 31, 2020), there will be various presents available, such as the seiyuu’s autographs, and … More New corner for Kiiyan’s “I’ll do my best tomorrow” radio show