G11 blu-ray announced

Details Title: GRANRODEO LIVE 2016 G11 ROCK☆SHOW -TRECAN ▶︎◉◀︎ PARTY- Sale Date: 8/23/2017 Format: Blu-ray Price: 7,500円 Track Listing: 帰結する共犯者 ケンゼンな本能 Pink Phantom TRASH CANDY NO PLACE LIKE A STAGE Passion ブランニューDAY CANNON★BALL Beat it, Love! Punky Funky Love Lovers High Can Do Once & Forever 背徳の鼓動 偏愛の輪舞曲 RIMFIRE 紫炎 ROSE HIP-BULLET modern strange cowboy … More G11 blu-ray announced

G11 pics

Joy-san’s pics, as always, are the best! From the Granrodeo staff twitter feed: From Takahashi Koji’s twitter feed: From Fo’xtails twitter feed: From Ryuichi’s twitter feed: Unknown: