G11 blu-ray event, Osaka

Saturday and Sunday Kiiyan and e-zuka attended a pair of fan events to celebrate the release of G11 on blu-ray. For each, 400 attendees were selected to watch a digest version of the concert on a big screen while the two of them provided live commentary. There was also a prize giveaway (signed goods) and … More G11 blu-ray event, Osaka

Fuji TV Next concert airings

Leading up to the live simulcast of the 9/23 G12 show, Fuji TV Next will be airing last year’s televised concerts. Details Event:  「GRANRODEO LIVE TOUR 2016 TREASURE CANDY」 Air Date/Time: 9/21/2017 @ 19:00~21:00 Channel:  Fuji TV EXT/NEXTsmart URL:  http://otn.fujitv.co.jp/gryaon/ Event: 「GRANRODEO LIVE 2016 G11 ROCK☆SHOW -TRECAN ▶︎◉◀︎ PARTY-」 Air Date/Time:  9/21/2017 @ 21:00~23:30 Channel:  Fuji TV … More Fuji TV Next concert airings

G11 event update

  The official site updated to say that in addition to the live commentary and high five at each event (Tokyo, Osaka), there will be a lottery for a special present.  

G11 blu-ray cover & tracklisting

帰結する共犯者 ケンゼンな本能 Pink Phantom TRASH CANDY NO PLACE LIKE A STAGE Passion ブランニューDAY CANNON★BALL Beat it, Love! Punky Funky Love Lovers High Can Do Once & Forever 背徳の鼓動 偏愛の輪舞曲 RIMFIRE 紫炎 ROSE HIP-BULLET modern strange cowboy We wanna R&R SHOW HEAVEN Go For It! 希望の彼方へ バラライ