Fan Club trip announced

At the end of last night’s e-ZUKA birthday special, Kiiyan and e-ZUKA announced the latest fan club trip. This time the Ro-gumi will return to Shizuoka for the Rodeo-gumi Presents: Rodeo de Ikunara Hatoya Hoteru Kashikiri trip.

The trip runs from Friday 6/23/2023~Sunday 6/25/2023 and there’s three courses: A (6/23~6/24), B (6/4~6/25) and AB (6/23~6/25). All three courses will have a welcome event, 3 shot photo opportunity, banquet, special event and a farewell event. The AB course will participate in those events on both Friday and Saturday, plus an extra-special event.

Prices range from 68,000 to 15,550 yen depending on the course selected and if you opt to take the tour bus.

Check the full details here.