37 Card annual New Year’s card

37 Card’s annual New Years’s cards are now on sale. As in years past, the cards come with a Japanese phone number the purchaser can call to hear a New Year’s message from Kiiyan. Cards may be purchased individually for 1,000 yen each or as a set of three for 3,000 yen. Shipping is 500 yen.

The voice messages will be available for listening to starting at midnight on New Year’s Day.

If ordered before 12/24/2022, the cards will be delivered by New Years. After 12/24, the cards will be shipped in early January.

Purchasers may enter two separate lotteries to win the following:

  • Kiiyan’s autograph personalized with the winner’s name and a polaroid photo of him (form here)
  • A video New Year’s fortune from one of the participating seiyuu (randomly selected) + downloadable images (form here)