Uta no Prince Sama Shining Live Drama CD2 “Kuon wo Musubishi Itoshiki Enishi”

Akaki Tsuki version

The latest Shining Live drama CD, “Kuon wo Musubishi Itoshiki Enishi,” will come in three forms. The image above is from the Akaki Tsuki version, which comes with a matching can badge magnet. There’s also a Akaki Taiyo version, which also comes with a matching magnet.

Akaki Taiyo version

The normal version comes with a random message card. All three versions come as a 2 CD set featuring the cast of Starish and Quartet Night.


Item: Drama CD
Title: Kuon wo Musubishi Itoshiki Enishi
Release Date: 2/23/2022
Price: 2,500 yen (normal), 4,500 yen (Akaki Taiyo & Akaki Tsuki versions), tax not included