Kin’iro no Corda live event update

The official site for the Starlight Orchestra featuring Joyo Kogyo & Lazarus event has opened with information on the cast, venue, and tickets for the live event and streaming.

The event will take place at Sagamihara City Cultural Hall on 11/13/2021, with both day and night shows.


There will be premium, S, and A seats available ranging from 10,000~15,000 yen. Premium seats come with goods that are different for the day and night shows. The first two lotteries are limited, with Play Guide lotteries starting on 10/16/2021.


There will be two types of streaming tickets, premium (7,800 yen), which comes with goods, and regular (5,800). Fans can also apply for both shows at a discounted price. The streaming will be hosted by eplus streaming and tickets go on sale 10/16/2021.

Check the official website for more details.