Happy belated birthday, Kiiyan!

Once again, Kiiyan was put to work for his birthday, delivering an acoustic live & after talk event with e-zuka at Shunan Rising Hall in Yamaguchi.

The live lasted for almost two hours and included the two fan club top-voted songs, Sea of Stars and ウソノイロ. One of my selections also made the set list: Y・W・F (which was fantastic!). Kiiyan and e-zuka were both silly, relaxed and clearly having fun. They even broke out kazoos for バラライ, which was hilarious. Amusingly, Kiiyan told us his mom drove him to the live, which became a running joke throughout the evening.

After the live, there was a short break, after which there was an hour-long after talk hosted by tys TV’s Sato Kei. e-zuka sang and played Happy Birthday to Kiiyan, in which he called Kiiyan the following: Kiiyan, my Kiiyan, my love, je t’aime and mon amour. There was also a Kiiyan-focused quiz with these questions. See how you would do!

  1. Kiiyan is one of 3 siblings. Does he have two younger brothers, or an older brother/younger brother.
  2. The first song Kiiyan and e-zuka worked on together was a character single for KimiNozo. What was the coupling track, mistake or Last Smile?
  3. In the 10th anniversary book, which artist did Kiiyan talk about in an interview section, Bon Jovi or Deep Purple?
  4. What name did Kiiyan originally suggest for Granrodeo, Rodeo Spectator or Rodeo Spider?
  5. How many times have Kiiyan and e-zuka celebrated Kiiyan’s birthday together, 5 or 6 times?

Stay tuned for some MC translations later!