Kiiyan-branded Zeeny Lights HD ear buds

Zeeny, creator of ear buds/smartphone assistants and Kiiyan are collaborating as part of Zeeny’s first seiyuu-voiced line of products. You can read a description of the basic Zeeny product here. Kiiyan will provide the audio guidance voice (such as message notifications), and he’s designed the ear buds with a black bunny. The storage case features his signature. There will be secret voices you can discover, and those who purchase a pair will be entered in a lottery for signed goods with Kiiyan’s autograph.

A loose translation of the last line of the product description, if you’re not sold already:  We will deliver a realistic and three-dimensionally recorded voice, as if Taniyama Kishou was whispering next to you.

And apologies to foreign fans, this product is available only in Japan.


Goods:  Zeeny Lights HD ear buds/smart phone assistant
Price: 14,800 + shipping and tax
Preorder Dates:  11/13/2020~12/20/2020 @ 23:59 JST
Release Date:  3/2021

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