Granrodeo x Tower Records

To celebrate the release of Rodeo Beat Shake, Tower Records will be running a two week campaign with multiple bonuses and chances to win.

  1. Win a store poster: Follow the official Tower Records Twitter and tweet with the #GR15TH_tower hashtag during the campaign. 15 people will be drawn at random and receive one of the posters.
  2. Granrodeo will record opening messages that will be played at Tower Record stores during the campaign period. The messages will be posted on the Tower Records YouTube until the end of the campaign.
  3. Special video: Those who buy Rodeo Beat Shake from Tower Records will receive a serial number to view a special Granrodeo x Tower Records collaboration video. See details here.
  4. 100 winners will be drawn from the pool of purchasers to receive a Granrodeo x Tower Records business card.


Event: Granrodeo x Tower Records campaign
Dates: 11/2~11/16/2020
Venue: Tower Records stores/online store