Precious momentos

After almost 8 years of Granrodeo lives, and nearly 100 shows, I finally ended my drought of never catching anything of note (aside from a washcloth and bottle of Pocari Sweat, both from e-zuka, 3 years apart). And when it rains … it pours!

First, in Okayama, I snagged Kiiyan’s towel (the one he wears around his head during double encores), mainly because the ceiling was too low for him to throw to the middle. He tried once, then pretended to slam dunk it, then abruptly tossed it my direction. It landed short, so no one behind me could snatch it out of the air. And apparently, when inspired, I am fast. My foot shot out and stomped on the end, claiming it and giving me time to drop down and grab it.

Yes, I will wash it (no, it doesn’t smell of Kiiyan, but he did tie it an impressively tight knot) and I will probably put it in some kind of protective case.

My Preciousssssss~

And to go with it….

I could have had one of e-ZUKA’s picks in Sendai, let the nice lady who let me in front of her have it.  I could have had one in Okayama, but nudged the girl next to me, who missed out on the towel, to go grab it. So I felt entirely justified in scrabbling for one in Hiroshima on day 2. Isn’t it lovely?!

I am one supremely lucky — and happy — Rodeo Girl!