FAB LOVE Nagoya bullet points

The shows were, of course, *fabulous*, and Kiiyan + e-zuka were clearly so happy to be back on stage. Super energetic Kiiyan for the win! He danced a lot and generally had a good time. And his hair is still delightfully long.


  • My friend and I had tickets 43 and 44, so started out 3rd row dead center. (Ended up 5th row dead center because people were crushing to get to the front and the woman in front of me was just too tiny — and nice — to defend our space). Very, very squished, but so great to be so close.
  • Kiiyan had forgotten where the last tour began, and thought it was Nagoya. The last tour actually ENDED in Nagoya, and started in Sapporo. Several of us up front had to yell “Hokkaido!” “Sapporo!” a few times before he got it.
  • We had the cutest IGPX ever — despite Go for it! not being played. Kiiyan commented on those of us wearing bikinis, and then asked us to call out IGPX, and we all obliged, and e-zuka followed up with Go for it! guitar.
  • Instead of mylar streamers, they dropped little colored rectangles of paper during “the one.” So. Many. Little. Pieces. Of. Paper. They were sticking to us, landing in our hair, our eyes, our clothes. I walked away with a fistful, just of ones that fell on me.
  • Highlights:  Forte (it just makes you want to spiiiiin around, which is what Kiiyan does), Rakugaki Moon, Jump and Pump, the one, Koi no Heatwave … everything!


  • This time our tickets were close to 900. We thought about being center, back of the first section, but because some folks didn’t move, ended up far, far left, against a lightweight barrier that was tied in place. A good choice, as you’ll see.
  • The show was much looser, much more fun. And our area had SO much energy. A few folks were doing mosh circles — kept in check by others, who herded them away from those of us outside the circles, and generally we were all dancing, because we had room. Kiiyan definitely remarked on how genki the crowd was.
  • There were multiple technical difficulties that turned out to be amusing:
    • First, after the first three songs, they paused for MC. Kiiyan introduced himself, as always, then turned to e-zuka … who wasn’t there! Kiiyan walked over to e-zuka’s mic and played his role — Nagoya baby! (yay!) Aichi baby! (yay!) e-zuka desu!
    • Still no e-zuka, so Kiiyan introduced Takita and Shin early. Takita teased Kiiyan about his hasty departure offstage during G9 at Osaka-jo Hall.
    • Still no e-zuka, so they chatted a bit more, and then, finally, e-zuka! It turns out his right ear piece wasn’t working, so they had to either fix or find a replacement.
    • The second instance was during Setsuna no ai, when Kiiyan’s mic cut out. The audience kept on singing the song until staff could get a new mic to him.
  • We learned that they finally have a trainer type person with them on tour, to help keep their muscles loose. They both demonstrated their lack of flexibility, but said they felt better after just the one session.
  • Kiiyan cutely flubbed the lyrics to one of the new songs.
  • He made sure to get Nagoya’s place in the Trash Candy tour right!
  • When it came time for the usual high touch after the show, e-zuka started on his side, and Kiiyan started on Takita’s side. And actually came almost ALL the way to the end of the makeshift barrier. He pretty much got to me and my friend and stopped. Got not just a full on high five, but a an enthusiastic “Oh!!” when he saw me. Made my day, needless to say. e-zuka didn’t come as far, so I barely caught his fingertip. We were very lucky the barrier didn’t give way and topple us all on Kiiyan. Sure felt like it was going to.
  • Kiiyan does a great Aoi Shouta imitation. e-zuka … not so much.
  • And yay, the “I’m not cute, YOU’RE all cute” response from Kiiyan is back!
  • Highlights:  Summer GT09 … and all of the above songs too.